The Last of Us 2 Seraphites Apartment Safe Combination & Location

Seraphites apartment safe is a loot container in The Last of Us II, in chapter Seattle Day 2. It is located in an apartment in one of the buildings after the South 5 road sign. If you have trouble locating the safe in this area, or figuring out the code, this guide will show you TLOU2 Seraphites apartment safe combination & location in Seattle Day 2.

Seattle Day 2 Seraphites apartment safe code & location

After you pass the South 5 road sign and Ellie says you’re on the right way, you’re going to pass under a walkway connecting two buildings. Further ahead, you’ll see a white truck parked by a building on the left. Climb on top of it, and use it to get into the building. Once you’re in the apartment, head into the bedroom and look for the safe in the closet.

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You can figure out the code by going back into the dining room and checking out the note on the table. It says the combination is the marriage anniversary of the couple that used to live there. Head back into the bedroom, and you’ll notice a calendar above the bed. Zoom in on it, and you’ll see it’s on the October 2013 page, with the 8th day marked with a red pencil.

If you’re not one for detective work, for lack of either time or genuine interest, the Seraphites apartment safe code is 08 10 83. Once you’ve broken into the safe, you’ll find some revolver ammo, some shotgun shells, and a decent amount of supplements. This is one of the more difficult safes – it’s hidden away in an area you might miss completely, and the code hint is such that you might struggle with it, depending on the date format used in your region. That’s why we’ve shared the code as well – it’s frustrating if you know the right digits but the game won’t accept them because of something like that.

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