Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Live, Standard One Free with EA/Origin Access

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is now available for everyone, and it features everything from the Deluxe Edition, plus a Jump Starter Pack. You can purchase it for your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. The price is $40. You can save $4 if you are a part of the EA / Origin subscription plan, making it $36.

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Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Items

Titanfall 2 was released back on October 28, 2016. To keep the community entertained, the team has added new maps, weapons, modes, and more, every month. The last piece of DLC – War Games was released more than a month ago, featuring a remastered version of a map from the first game. Here are the contents of the Ultimate Edition.

  • Titanfall 2 base game
  • Access to all DLC maps, modes and weapons released so far.
  • Titanfall 2 Digital Deluxe Edition content including:
    • Scorch and Ion Prime Titan skins
    • Deluxe Edition Warpaint skin for 6 Titans
    • Deluxe Edition Camo that can be applied to all Titans, Pilots, and Weapons.
    • Deluxe Edition Nose Art for 6 Titans
    • Deluxe Edition Callsign
  • Jump Starter Pack for new players
    • All Titans unlocked
    • All Pilot tacticals unlocked
    • 10 Double XP tokens
    • 500 credits to start that you can spend to unlock gear and cosmetics
    • As an extra bonus, Ultimate Edition buyers will also get the Underground R-201 ELITE Warpaint

The $40 Ultimate Edition is live on all stores, with some of them still keeping the Deluxe one, which costs $50. However, you won’t find the Deluxe one on the Origin store anymore.

Titanfall 2 Free with EA / Origin Access

If you are on the PC or Xbox One, and have a subscription to the Origin Vault / EA Access, you can play Titanfall 2 without buying it. The subscription plan costs $5 per month or $30 per year. This is just one of the many games planned for release on these platforms, including Battlefield 1 and more. The news were announced earlier last month by Electronic Arts.

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Live Standard One Free With EA Origin Access
Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is Live with its Standard Version Free with EA/Origin Access
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