Tomb Raider Egg Poacher Challenge

Tomb Raider Egg Poacher Challenge objective: Find five Bird Nests and collect eggs in the Mountain Village area.
We strongly suggest you to continue the main objective until you obtain a rope arrow and then return to collect the eggs.
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Egg Poacher no.1

The first nest is located on the rooftop of a ruined building with two Ziplines.

Egg Poacher no.2

Climb up the waterfall and you will see a gallows in front of a ruined shack. Check the rooftop and you will find a Egg Poach Bird Nest no. 2.

Egg Poacher no.3

When you come to the region in the Mountain Village with cliffs and shacks, turn left and cross a wooden bridge. The path leads you directly to the Egg Poach Bird Nest no. 3.

Egg Poacher no.4

When you come to the point where the plane crashes and Lara returns to the Mountain Village, look for a Rope Arrow, or you will not be able to reach a building rooftop. The building is next to the tail end of the plane.

Egg Poacher no.5

The fifth Egg Poach Bird Nest is on the cliff just before you reach the place with a blue smoke.


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