Tomb Raider Laid to Rest Challenge Locations

Tomb Raider Laid to Rest challenge objective: Burn and pull down five scarecrows / effigies in Shantytown.
For this challenge you need Fire Arrows, which can be found in the chopper. Once you ignite scarecrow you should also pull him down with Rope Arrow.
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Laid to Rest no.1

Laid to Rest no. 1 is just behind the entrance to the chopper.

Laid to Rest no.2

The second Laid to Rest is located just below the first base camp in the Shantytown, as soon as you go down the stairs.

Laid to Rest no.3

The next effigy hangs from the top of a ripped sunshade. It can be pull down from the ground.

Laid to Rest no.4

The next effigy is on the metal fence adjacent to the building with three ziplines.

Laid to Rest no.5

Once you pull down the scarecrow / effigy no. 4, look around from the top of the tower, and you will notice the next effigy on the northernmost wall of the Shantytown. You can reach it from the position where we have found the effigy no. 3.


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