Hall of Ascension

Collectible Name:Hall of Ascension
Collectible Type:Tombs
Collectible Zone:Mountain Village
Notes:Note: You can get to this point only after you receive the rope weapon upgrade during a mission within Cliffside Village.

This tomb require a simple task to be done in order to receive a prize. You need to swing the wooden basket with wind that is blowing from the window in order to jump on a wooden ledge, that is on a wall, the basket get swung to.
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The First step you need to do, is to close the window so that the wind can stop blowing inside, then wait for the lowest shutter to open up, and then quickly raise the wooden basket and jump on it. When it is on a full swing, jump on a wooden piece at a wall, and jump again to reach the wooden ledge. From here simply continue to a platform above the room, and proceed to tomb chest.
Image Walkthrough:

When the lowest shutter opens, quickly raise the wooden basket.

Jump on it fast, and wait to get swung to the piece of wood on the wall.

Double jump in order to reach this wooden ledge.
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Hall of Ascension