Tomb Raider Red Cap Roundup Challenge Locations

Tomb Raider Red Cap Roundup Challenge objective: Collect ten mushrooms in the Summit Forest area. This is a pretty easy challenge which does not require a lot of jumps.
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It can be even easier if you first defeat enemies in the Summit Forest.

Red Cap Roundup no.1

The first mushroom is at the start of the map, next to the gate near the heli crash site.

Red Cap Roundup no.2

The crashed chopper’s cockpit end points to a tree. Behind the tree you can find the next mushroom.

Red Cap Roundup no.3

The third mushroom is in the middle of the narrow part of the map, after the starting area.

Red Cap Roundup no.4

The next mushroom is to the north, right before a small bridge.

Red Cap Roundup no.5

Once you enter the middle part of the map, follow the river bank and you will spot the mushroom no. 5.

Red Cap Roundup no.6

The next mushroom is on a small protruding rock.

Red Cap Roundup no.7

The mushroom no. 7 can be collected near two deer stands connected with zipline.

Red Cap Roundup no.8

Just South-East from the fast travel camp, under the crashed plane, you can find the next mushroom between rocks.

Red Cap Roundup no.9

Just east from the fast travel camp, when you go up the stairs, you will spot the mushroom next to a pillar.

Red Cap Roundup no.10

The last mushroom is near the bridge.



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    GOOD LOOKING OUT I SPENT 2 hours looking for the one on the rock

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    Thanks for the guide I was missing one of these darn things

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