Tomb Raider Firestarter Challenge Locations

Tomb Raider Firestarter Challenge objective: Ignite six Corpse Bags in the Geothermal Caverns area. Important note: You have a limited number of arrows, if you run out of arrow ammunition, return later by using Fast Travel.
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Firestarter no.1

In the huge cave, where cannibals kill a man after a short cutscene, the first Corpse Bag is hanging from the ceiling.

Firestarter no.2

From the huge cave, chose the second tunnel to proceed further. When you reach the part where you should jump up to the higher level, look up, and you will see a Corpse Bag between the rock cliffs, just above supporting beam.

Firestarter no.3

The third Corpse Bag is hanging next to the bulb in the tunnel no. 4.

Firestarter no.4

The next Corpse bag is behind the door, adjacent to flammable gas.

Firestarter no.5

After the second camp, proceed further and you will find the next Corpse bag in the second room.

Firestarter no.6

When you reach the final zone of the cave, the last Corps bag is at the entrance of the room with the altar.



  1. A

    so, if I’m going back to get my 100% is there a way to get the one behind the door?? cause i had to make an explosion to go through the door and the corps bag isn’t there anymore?
    i think.

  2. Are you sure that’s the one you miss? It sounds like that’s the one you’ve already acquired .

    1. A

      Im pretty sure it has to be that one i found all the other ones except the one in the tunnel between the rocks my first run through.

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