Tower of Fantasy Aida Time Explained

Don’t know how to check the time in Tower of Fantasy? In our Tower of Fantasy in-game Aida time guide, you will learn how time works in Tower of Fantasy, as well as how you can change time and pass time. Read on to learn how can you tell what time it is in-game in Tower of Fantasy.

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Tower of Fantasy Aida Time Explained
Where to see Tower of Fantasy in-game time?

How to Check Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy, the latest gacha MMO hit RPG, is all the rage this summer, as millions of fans around the world are embarking on adventures across the world of Aida. The gorgeous world of Aida hides many secrets and boasts intricate systems which make it feel alive, adding to the immersion when you play the game. Of course, there’s also a day and night cycle as well, along with hours and everything else you would expect. In most cases, this is not particularly important in terms of gameplay.

However, some quests are designed around specific times, and thus they require your presence at specific locations at given times. And just like in real life, you don’t want to be late! So, how to tell what time it is in-game in Tower of Fantasy? Is rather simple, really! When you’re playing the game, you’ll spot a “weather” icon just right of your minimap in the upper left corner of the screen. This icon can be either Sun or Moon. All you need to do is to tap/click on that icon, and a time screen will appear, showing the exact time of the day!

Can you Change Time in Tower of Fantasy

No, unfortunately, you can’t change the time in Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is an MMO game, and thus you are sharing your world with other players in real-time online, which unfortunately limits options to pass time in-game. However, 40 minutes in real life equals one day in Tower of Fantasy. Thus, you will usually not need to wait for too long if you need to do something at a specific time.

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    As somone who just spent over literal hours waiting for tower of fantasy to progress from 2000 to 2200 it is not a 40 minutes = 1 day it is actually close to a 1 to 1

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