Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot Location & How to Beat World Boss

In our Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot Location & How to Beat World Boss guide, we’re going to cover two important points about this enemy. First off, we will show you where to find the Frost Bot in the first place, since it’s off the beaten path. Then, we are going to give you some advice on how to defeat the boss, because it’s no joke. Here we go.

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tower of fantasy frost bot location & how to beat world boss
Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot Location & How to Beat World Boss

Where to Find Frost Bot World Boss in Tower of Fantasy

You can find the Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot world boss location and attempt to beat it in the northwest of the map. Specifically, it’s in the southwest corner of Navia Bay. We’ve marked where the boss is in the screenshot below. It’s basically a little islet with a large, round metal plate in the middle. There’s a chest in the center of this plate, but before you can get at it, you have to fight and defeat the Frost Bot. That, unfortunately, is much easier said than done. In the next section, we’ll give you a few tips on how to drop this particular enemy.

where to find frost bot world boss in tower of fantasy
Frost Bot location (click to zoom in)

How to Beat Frost Bot

To beat the Frost Bot world boss in Tower of Fantasy, now that you know its location, you’ll have to team up with other people. Why? Because the robot is a very difficult and durable boss, and it really seems like it’s not meant to be handled solo. For one, it’s at level 35, so your entire team should be at least close to that level. Otherwise, if you’re around level 25, you might be killing it for up to 45 minutes or more. Also, be sure that you have at least one ranged character. The Frost Bot has ranged attacks, too, as well as melee attacks. However, it’s freeze-spin skill is especially deadly, and if you’re in melee range, it’s very difficult to dodge. That’s why you need a ranged character to keep dealing damage if it freezes the rest.

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