Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin Explained

If you need the Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin explained, you’ve come to the right place. This currency is not super-difficult to find, but some of you might not know what to do with them. In this guide, we are going to show you how and where to use the Old Vera Coins. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to get more of them, because you need a lot of coins to do you any good.

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tower of fantasy old bera coin explained
Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin Explained

How to Use Old Vera Coins in Tower of Fantasy

To use the Old Vera Coin currency in Tower of Fantasy, you have to find out-of-market gachapon machines. So, it’s basically just a currency that you can use at specific machines, from which you can get somewhat randomized rewards. You get what amounts to loot boxes from these, as well as some other stuff. We know of two of these gachapon machines, both of which are in Mirroria. We’ve marked them for you in the map below. The first one is at Mirafleur Hall. From the taxi station, head east and keep your eye on the left. You’ll spot the machine behind a large tree. The second machine is in the bottom left of the map, at the Hazardous Materials Lab, in the bottom right corer. It’s across from the elevator.

how to use old vera coins in tower of fantasy
Gachapon machine locations (click or tap to zoom in)

So, that’s what the Old Vera Coin is for in Tower of Fantasy, but how exactly do you get them? After all, you need fifty coins for a single pull, or five hundred if you want to do ten pulls at once. Yes, you don’t even get a little discount for buying ten pulls. Anyways, there are several ways to obtain Old Vera Coins. For one, you can get them from doing daily tasks and opening supply pods scattered all over Vera. You can also find them all over the desert and Mirroria. Albeit, in the latter, you kinda have to look around and interact with the environment.

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