Tower of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit Solutions

Tower of Fantasy is a big game, with much to explore and many secrets to uncover. One of these mysteries is the Friendly Sand Rabbits. You can run into these cute little critters and they will probably confuse you. What purpose do they serve in the game, and is there anything you can get out of them? Luckily, they can indeed do something beneficial for you, and we have the solution for the Friendly Sand Rabbit in Tower of Fantasy right here.

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Tower of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit Solutions
Tower of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit Solutions

What to do With the Friendly Sand Rabbits in Tower of Fantasy

In ToF, you can run into two types of these critters. The first of these is standing upright, and it seems to be asking you to give it something. When you approach it, you will be given the option to feed it something. Depending on the type of thought bubble above it, this can be one of two types of food. If the thought bubble features a brown circle, then you need to have a Black Truffle cookie in your inventory to feed it. And if the thought bubble features a green vegetable, then the Friendly Sand Rabbit wants some Lard Gourd. When you have given it food, it will dig up some Black Nucleus to give you as a reward.

The other type is a spinning Friendly Sand Rabbit. Or, more accurately, this critter is doing a dance. Since it is dancing for you, it wants your approval. So what you need to do here is to let it know that you have enjoyed its breakdancing very much. You can do this by selecting the clap emote. This will cause your character to clap at the Friendly Sand Rabbit, and it, in turn, will be so pleased that it is going to dig up Black Nucleus for you.

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