How to Open Tar Pit Tower of Fantasy

If you can’t figure out how to open a Tar Pit in Tower of Fantasy, don’t worry, we have your back. It’s nothing too difficult; the game basically flat-out tells you what you need to do. However, maybe you’ve missed the hint by accident. Or, perhaps you just don’t have the right tools of the job. Either way, here’s how you unlock Tar Pits in Tower of Fantasy.

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how to open tar pit tower of fantasy
How to Open Tar Pit Tower of Fantasy

How to Open Tower of Fantasy Tar Pits

To open or unlock any Tar Pit in Tower of Fantasy, all you have to do is but the tar away. The first time you run into one of these, the game tells you that it’s a “cave full of flammable petroleum blocks,” as you can see in the image above. See how the word “flammable” has extra emphasis? Yeah, that’s actually a hint right there. So, all you need to do is use a weapon that has a fire elemental effect. If it so happens that you don’t have one of those, don’t worry. Just go and get yourself a Fire Core and chuck it at the tar. You can get those by breaking those fiery rock pillars that look like a bunch of red cubes stacked all haphazardly.

So, that’s how you unlock and open any Tower of Fantasy Tar Pit. As for why you need to bother with them in the first place, well, there are two reasons. For one, all of them contain some kind of reward in them. In fact, the two that we have run into so far had a Gold Nucleus inside. By know, I’m certain you know how valuable and rare this currency is. By the way, one pit was east of the Rusty Belt, and the other in the north of Astra, next to the water, at the bottom of a cliff. On top of the rewards, opening the Tar Pits grants you a handful of explorations bonuses, which is always nice. So, yeah; not a bad deal for the minimal effort they require.

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