Ruin B-01 Tower of Fantasy Chests

The Ruin B-01 Tower of Fantasy chests are a little difficult to get, because both of them are locked behind minor puzzles. The first one is super-easy, barely an inconvenience. The second one is a bit more difficult until you figure out what to do. So, in this guide, we’re going to show you how to get the chest behind the bars and solve the pressure plates puzzle in Ruin B-01.

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ruin b-01 tower of fantasy chests
Ruin B-01 Tower of Fantasy Chests

Ruin B-01 Chests Tower of Fantasy

There are two chests in Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-01 that you can open, but both of them are behind small puzzles, as we’ve already said. The first one is simple enough to get to. When you beat up the four enemies, head into the narrow corridor with the floor plate. You’ll see it easily enough, what with the red light shining in the middle of it. Step on the plate to open the gate. This will close the stone doors behind you, but that’s no problem whatsoever. Head to the chest, open it, and collect your rewards. Then, interact the lever between the floor plate and the chest. This will open the stone doors once more and allow you to proceed through the dungeon.

The second of the two Ruin B-01 chests in Tower of Fantasy comes later on in the game, in the large chamber with nine pressure plates on the floor. Now, in order to continue through the dungeon, you have to step on the pressure plates to complete the pattern on the far wall of the room. That’s simple enough. As for the chest itself, head towards the pattern and climb the stairs to the right. Follow that path, and you’ll see the chest behind bars. On the wall behind the chest, you’ll see another pattern. Complete it on the plates to open the gates and gain access to the chest. If you need to reset the plates, just pull the lever between the two staircases.

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