Uncharted 4 Chapter 14 Treasures - Join Me In Paradise

Chapter 14: Join Me In Paradise is one of the missions in Uncharted 4. It takes place in the forgotten city of Libertalia, a long-lost pirate haven. There are nine relics you can pick up during your visit – some are well hidden, while others require skill and timing. In this guide, we’re going to show you chapter 14 treasure locations in Uncharted 4.

Join Me In Paradise Treasure Locations

The first collectible you’ll pick up is the Carved Horn Bird Sculpture. As soon as the chapter starts, before dropping down, turn right and crawl through the opening. The treasure is in the wooden cart.

When you get to the part of the city where Avery’s statue is, enter the building left of the square entrance. Go into the small room ahead, and check out the barrel on the right. You’ll find the Mughal Vase.

Enter the prison behind the statue. Go into the last cell on the left, then crawl through the hole between cells. You’ll find the Ancient Stone Pot in the second cell.

As you crawl through the underground tunnels, you’ll stumble upon a ladder. When you climb it, you’ll see a fork in the tunnel. Take the right branch all the way to the end. You’ll reach a blockade, and the Painted Copper Bottle will be on the ground near it.

Once you enter the grand palace, climb the stairs on your right. Go along the inner balcony to the desk on the other side. You’ll find the Stout Vase on it.

The Slipjoint Claspknife is in the area where you swing across chasms to get through a bunch of ruined buildings. When you pass the long, white building, grapple to get onto the steps, go around the building and do a leap of faith. Mash the grapple button immediately, and you’ll grab onto a beam. Jump into the building and take the treasure from the crate.

When you end the firefight with the mercenaries, you’ll end up in an enormous stone building. You’ll have to swing across a large gap in the first room. When you do, go left. Go through the door and to the desk on your right. You’ll find the Large Bronze Boar on it.

When you go down into the courtyard, take the right route around it. Near the end, you’ll find a toppled chair and some other debris. This is where you’ll find the Mughal Serving Vase.

Finally, the Mughal Jade Bottle is in the building after the narrow, overgrown tower. Go into the building and jump through the window above the hole in the ground. While hanging, move along the ledge to the left and grab the artifact.

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  1. C

    Seriously, is it possible that you could have these treasures out of sequence any more than you already have them? It’s great that you put in the effort of putting this up & all but what good is it if I’m following this “guide” & when I get to trying to find a treasure only to find out that it was back in the last area that I can’t damn well get to any more, like the slipjoint clasp knife for example? How am I supposed to get back to that if I follow this “guide”? You are aware that once you get the stout vase you can’t get back up the mudslide, right? I’m sick to death of banging my head against the wall that is gosunoob.com’s Uncharted 4 treasure “guide” with ridiculously out of sequence instructions that put treasures out of ones reach until another playthrough & instructions that are so unnecessarily confusing they may have well not even been included…. time to see what IGN has on offer.

    1. K

      Haha, I had the same problem. I was stuck on this chapter for hours trying to figure out where I went wrong. The order they have them in is actually the order the game lists them in…. They’re just stupid because they should’ve either said that, or just listed them in the order you find them.

      1. C

        I did end up checking IGN but it seems that they make the same mistake, listing them in the order in the treasure menu rather than the order in which they’re encountered in game. Disappointment & inconvenience together. Disconvenience?

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