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uncharted 4 ghost in the cemetery trophy

Ghost in The Cemetery Trophy

Ghost in The Cemetery is a trophy in Uncharted 4. You can unlock it by beating the Scottish graveyard combat encounter in Chapter 8 without…

uncharted 4 best score trophy

Best Score Trophy

Best Score is one of the trophies you can unlock in Uncharted 4. You’ll earn it if you beat the high score in Crash Bandicoot…

founders wheel puzzle uncharted 4

Puzzle Solutions

There are six puzzles in Uncharted 4. They’re not optional, so you’ll have to complete them if you want to reach the end of the…

uncharted 4 chapter 22 treasure locations a thief's end

Chapter 22 Treasure – A Thief’s End

Chapter 22: A Thief’s End is the last mission in Uncharted 4. It’s the explosive finale of the game, with lots of fighting, action and…

uncharted 4 chapter 6 collectible locations

Chapter 6 Treasures – Once A Thief

Chapter 6: Once A Thief is a level in Uncharted 4. There are nine treasures in this chapter, and collecting them will help you unlock…