Uncharted TLL Chapter 2 Collectible Locations - Photo, Treasures

Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 2 collectible locations are the first ones you can easily miss. There’s six of them – a photo and five pieces of treasure. You can’t backtrack through most of this mission, so you’ll have to restart it if you miss anything. Once you’ve got them, you’ll earn the Casual Treasure Hunter trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Uncharted TLL Chapter 2 collectibles, to help save some time.

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uncharted tll chapter 2 collectible locations
Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 2 collectibles

Photo: Asav & Thugs

uncharted tll chapter 2 photo

The first is once again a photo. As soon as the chapter starts, approach the giant Pink Lotus neon sign. Interact with the spot to the right of it (next to the letter P), and Chloe will snap a picture of Asav and his goons.

Treasure: Bullet Whistle

The second one is a treasure item – it’s more of a junk item, really. You can find it before you go down the first zip line. There’s a shack to the right of the zip line. Go near it and try to hang from the ledge. You’ll find the bullet whistle next to the white barrel.

Treasure: Military Service Lighter

After you go down the first zip line, you’ll have to choke out an enemy. Go into the shack he was standing in front (the one with the movable crate) and pick the lighter up from the table on the right.

Treasure: Utility Spork

When you push the crate from the ledge to help Nadine up, it will fall through the floor. Before jumping down, go back to where you found the crate. The treasure will be on the ground near the shelf – you might miss the glow because of the light.

Treasure: Travelling Inkwell

Once you’ve joined Nadine and done some parkouring, you’ll find yourself in a big room alight with a purple glow. As soon as you enter it through the hole in the wall, go left. You need to get to the narrow section behind the filing cabinets and cardboard boxes. You’ll find the inkwell on the desk there.

Treasure: Tactical Compass

The last piece of treasure can be found in the attic loft with the huge windows. After Nadine breaks one of them in a cutscene, go to another one (overlooking the quieter part of town). You’ll find the item on a crate behind the shelf, near the window.