Uncharted The Lost Legacy Shadow Theater Trophy

Uncharted Lost Legacy Shadow Theater trophy is one of the achievements you can earn in the game. You’ll get it if you solve the shadow puzzle in Chapter 5 in less than 10 moves. The puzzle itself isn’t too hard – all you have to do is shift some statues in the correct positions – but doing it in this many moves requires some planning. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to solve shadow puzzle in Uncharted TLL, so you can unlock the Shadow Theater trophy.

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uncharted tll shadow theater trophy puzzle
Uncharted Lost Legacy Shadow Theater trophy

How to unlock Shadow Theater trophy in Uncharted TLL

To unlock the Shadow Theater trophy, you’ll have to solve the puzzle we mentioned in 10 moves or less. If you’ve already tried to solve it, this may sound impossible. However, it’s just about manageable.

The puzzle consists of two large paintings on neighbouring walls, and a contraption with statues in the middle of the room. The paintings depict certain scenes, each with three actors. There’s a brazier on each of the free walls, casting shadows of the statues onto the paintings. Your task is to move the pieces of the contraption around, so that the shadows match the scenes on the pictures.

This is done by tilting the machinery – it consists of three rows and three columns. When you tilt a row (or column), all the statues in that row (or column) will slide as far as they can. Even if you’re not really a fan of this kind of challenge, simply fiddling with it will eventually lead you to the solution. To do it in ten or less moves, you’ll have to think about it some more, though. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth thirty pictures per second, here’s a video showing how to do it: