Uncharted TLL Prologue & Chapter 1 Collectible Locations

Uncharted Lost Legacy prologue & chapter 1 collectible locations are hard to miss. There’s two of them in the prologue – a photo and a treasure. The first chapter has only one, and it’s a tresure. Once you’ve got them, they’ll count towards two trophies – Pics or It Didn’t Happen and Collector of Antiquities. In case you’re having trouble finding them, scroll down and check out our Uncharted TLL prologue & chapter 1 collectibles guide.

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uncharted tll prologue collectible locations
Uncharted Lost Legacy prologue & chapter 1 collectible locations

Uncharted Lost Legacy Prologue Collectibles

uncharted lost legacy prologue collectibles photoThe first collectible you’ll find is a photo op. As you exit into the market, go down the stairs. You’ll see a stall with some pottery. Approach and interact with it, and the little girl will climb up to let you take a picture.

uncharted tll prologue treasure ganesh figurine

Once you’ve snaped the photo, go through the crowd on your left. Once you’re out of the crowd, a cutscene will start. Chloe will stop the girl and ask her to return the Ganesh figurine. She’ll reluctantly hand it over, and you’ll pocket it (again). You can’t miss this one, as it’s part of the story.

Uncharted TLL Chapter 1 Collectibles

There’s only one collectible in the first chapter, and it’s a treasure. It’s a sterling silver cigarette case. You can find it on top of the building with the red door. Once you climb the ladder, go past the drying clothes and look at the barrels on the left. The case will be on one of them. It’s going to glow when you approach.

And that’s it. If you’ve missed any of them, don’t stress – you can restart the game from any chapter from the chapter select screen. You don’t even have to complete the entire section again. As soon as you grab the missing collectible, the game will register it, so you can quit right away.


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