Uncharted Lost Legacy Tarzana Trophy - How to unlock

Uncharted Lost Legacy Tarzana trophy is easy to unlock, but you need to find a good place for it. In order to get it, you need to perform five grapple swings in a row without touching the ground. You can’t swing back and forth between two grapple spots, so you need a place where with five of them in close proximity. Luckily, the developers have designed such a spot, and we can help you find it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Tarzana trophy in Uncharted Lost Legacy.

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uncharted tarzana achievement
Uncharted TLL Tarzana trophy

How to unlock Uncharted TLL Tarzana trophy?

In order to unlock the Tarzana trophy, you’ll first have to reach Chapter 4. Once you’re in the Western Ghats, open up your map. Look to the south – there’s a narrow passage directly south from the central tower. Drive there and get out of your car. Look towards the lantern – you can climb the cliff next to it. Once you’re up, you’ll see a thick plank sticking out. Get on top of it and turn around. You should see the first grapple spot from there. The other ones are all in the same direction.

Now it’s only a matter of chaining together five swings, and that’s down to practice. Don’t be afraid to stay on the rope a bit longer, to build up momentum. If you fall down, you can alway return to the starting position and try again. If you prefer your guides in video form, here’s what unlocking it looks like in action: