Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Collectibles - Western Ghats

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 collectible locations are easy to miss. The Western Ghats map is filled with treasures, photos, lockboxes, optional conversations and Hoysala tokens. Finding and collecting all of them is required for the platinum trophy. There are 53 items to get in this area, and finding them all can be a bother. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Uncharted TLL Chapter 4: Western Ghats collectible locations.

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy All Collectibles in Chapter 4 The Western Ghats
Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Collectible Locations – Western Ghats
NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with new info when we have it.

Uncharted TLL Chapter 4 Treasure Locations

There are 19 treasures in the Western Ghats chapter:

  1. Rosewood Spice Box – In the central part of the map, a bit to the southeast, there is small pond and a temple encased in foliage. If you look at the map, you’ll see a stone structure there, with a lot of ninety degrees angles. Go to its northern side, and you’ll find the box in the corner by the road.
  2. Medieval Indian Lock and Key – On the same platform as the the previous one, but on the other side of the temple ruins. Go all the way around, to its southern side. Climb to the first floor and go to the corner, next to the statue on the wall.
  3. Trinket Box – There is a waterfall in the southeastern area. There is a small cave behind it, and you can get inside using your car. Look for the Trinket Box on one of the rocks there.
  4. Ancient Stone Jar – Close to the previous one, on a balcony that separates the two streams of the waterfall.
  5. Stag Horn Box – In the southeastern part of the map, on top of the waterfall. There’s a small stone post next to the trees with purple flowers. The item is next to it, closer to the waterfall.
  6. Ivory Casket – There is a large, round boulder in the eastern part of the map. There’s a path on its northwestern side, and a small pointy pillar with a tree leaning on it. Look for the item at its base.
  7. Hoysala Coin – In the eastern part of the map, at the center of the greater plateau, there is a stone elephant statue. Get to its left eye and you’ll find the treasure.
  8. Jade Archer’s Ring – There is another stone tower near the next one. Climb on it and loot the item.
  9. Miniature Bronze Cannon – There’s a tall tower in the northeastern area, just before the entrance to the Monkey Island. There is a lockbox in front of it. Unlock it to get the treasure.
  10. Inscribed Copper Plate – Northeastern part of the map, the Monkey Island. There is a small, gazebo-like structure at the center of the platform. Head inside and you’ll find the three treasures.
  11. Silver Goblet – Same location as the previous one, under the cover of darkness.
  12. Hoysala Kukri – Same location as the previous ones, can’t miss it.
  13. Nagfani Horn – There is a large plateau in the northern part of the map. At the center of it, you’ll find a tree with many vines, and bushes with red flowers next to it. Go through the bushes to find a tiny field with the collectible.
  14. Jade Pendant – Go to the north part of Chapter 4, where the waterfall is, then look up and go to your right (left from waterfall). The Jade Pendant is on the second floor, in a dark room.
  15. Butterfly Trinket – In the northernmost area, next to where the waterfall hits the ground for the first time. Find a truck and loot the contents of the lockbox.
  16. Metal Tiger Claws – There is a small tunnel close to the previous treasure, just next to the pond. You’ll find your prize somewhere halfway through the dark tunnel.
  17. Serpents and Ladders Game – Heading west, there are two bridges. There is a small gap in the boulder on the southern side of the northern bridge. There are some stairs that lead to it. Jump and go through it, and you’ll find the treasure in the next room, on the sarcophagus on your left.
  18. Engraved Gourd Jar – In the western part of the map, just under the southern bridge that connects this area with the central one.
  19. Leather Covered Binoculars – There is a small plateau with ruins in the southwestern part of the Western Ghats, just north from the large water area. Climb on it, and find an area under a rooftop with four pillars.

Chapter 4 Lockboxes in Uncharted Lost Legacy

Eleven lockboxes can be found in the Western Ghats. Some of them only spawn in the enemies’ trucks, and when there are no enemies, you won’t get a truck either. Sometimes you’ll have to complete a part of the story in that area for them to spawn, or collect some collectible.

Hoysala Token Locations in Uncharted Lost Legacy Chapter 4

Hoysala tokens are a new type of collectible, making their debut in chapter 4. There are eleven of them in here, and they are one of the best hidden objects. To find them, you’ll need to destroy some walls, crawl through a cave and such.

Uncharted TLL Western Ghats Photos

There are nine photos in the Western Ghats. To make them count toward the Token for Granted trophy, you’ll need to find the right spots. Once you investigate them, an icon will appear and you’ll be able to take the picture.

Optional Conversations in Chapter 4

There are four optional conversations in Chapter 4. Most of them involve investigating an object, then asking Nadine about it.