Yellow Guidance Totem Locations | Until Dawn

Totems are a type of collectible in Until Dawn. There are several kinds, and they all contain prophecies that will make the Events of The Past more clear.
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These visions don’t have to come true, but they might, depending on your actions. Yellow totems contains messages of guidance, little warnings concerning future choices. In this guide, we’re going to show you all yellow guidance totem locations in Until Dawn.

Sam Yellow Totem – Cable Car Station

yellow totem until dawn sam cable carAfter you arrive at Blackwood Pines with Sam, you’ll have to try to reach the cable car station. On your way there, you’ll find a board explaining the meaning of the totems. Below it, in the snow, is the first totem. It shows a bird landing on a rock near one of the characters.

Matt & Emily Yellow Totem – Radio Tower

until dawn yellow guidance totem locationsAfter you meet the herd of deer, you’ll navigate the forest to a radio tower. Before the steps, in the snow to your left, is the yellow totem you’re looking for. It shows a brief vision of someone’s gruesome death – the sound of crunching and blood coming out of their mouth.
We’ll update the guide with more locations when the game is out.


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