Death Totem Locations in Until Dawn

Death Totems are collectible items in Until Dawn. These black totems can be found in several chapters of the game and you need to collect them all to unlock the Night of the Totem Hunter.
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To be able to find them all you have to keep all the characters alive because in order to get to some of them you will need a certain character. We’ll show you all the locations of Death Totems and describe a way to get to them.

Death Totem #1

death totem 1 locationPrologue: Last Year
Name: Black Totem
Character: Beth

As Beth searches for her sister in the woods she will come across this collectible. The way I got to it was pick “Follow footprints” choice at a crossroad and after you turn on the cell phone flashlight, as you follow the path, you’ll find the totem on the ground. It has a distinctive glimmer, so it is easy to spot.

Death Totem #4

death totem 4 locationChapter 4: Loyalty
Character: Chris

Found after you take control of Chris in the Washington lodge. As you go outside the lodge and into the woods looking for Ashley a scarecrow will pop up. On the next screen, behind the scarecrow, you’ll find the totem on the ground, next to the “Pig’s head” (clue #15).

Death Totem #3

death totem 3 location until dawnChapter 5: Prey
Character: Mike

You will get to the point where there’s a door with a lock on it in the Chapel (in the same room where there’s a dog guarding another door). You’ll be able to find a gun there and shoot the lock with it. As you exit the room you will be able to go down some stairs – don’t do it just yet! Go past the stairs leading down and in the corner you’ll find the totem

Death Totem #2

death totem 2 location
Go to the corner across the car cable station…
… to find Death Totem #2
Chapter 5: Prey
Character: Matt

As you switch to Matt and Emily in the upper cable car station the only way to go will be towards a cabin/cable car station. Don’t go straight to it just yet (if you found an axe stuck in the door you’ll enter the cabin and it might be too late to pick up the totem). Instead, go into the corner of the yard opposite of the cable car station cabin. There, you’ll find Death totem #2.

Death Totem #5

death totem 5 location
Go behind the ladder to find the totem
Chapter 7: Violence
Character: Emily

Emily is in the mines and as she manages to smash open a wooden gate with some loose mining carts she enters a room with a broken elevator. In that room, across from the elevator is a clocking-in machine clue. Right of it are metal ladders taking you to the upper platform, but you need to go behind the ladder, into a dead end tunnel. There, you’ll find the totem.

Death Totem #6

death-totem-6-helpdeath totem 6 locationChapter 9: Despair
Character: Sam

Girls are in the tunnels to the sanatorium. You’ll end up controlling Sam as she tries to climb a rock wall. To get to the top you will have to make several choices and do quick time events. As you get on top you will be able to go left and drop down (do not do this) or go right up some wooden stairs and onto a wooden walkway. Move along the wooden walkway and keep going straight (do not turn left) to get to some stairs and a cave room afterwards, containing the totem.


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