Valheim Ancient Bark

Ancient Bark is a crafting material that you can find in the game, and it’s the necessary ingredient in a number of crafting recipes. In Valheim, the bark can be used in making the likes of the longship, the bonfire, and a couple of weapons that you might find useful. So, the question is, where do I find Ancient Bark, and how do I get it. We’ll be answering that question in our Valheim Ancient Bark guide.

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Valheim Ancient Bark
Valheim Ancient Bark

How to Get Ancient Bark in Valheim

To get Ancient Bark in Valheim, you have to harvest it from Ancient Trees. Where does one find those? Well, in the Swamp biome. So, you’ll have to push through the game until you make it to the Swamp. Since the map is procedurally generated, we can’t tell you where this biome will be in your game, but trust me, you’ll know. As for what Ancient Trees look like, they are basically gnarled trees with almost no branches and leaves. The game will tell you when you approach and mouse over one of them. Mind you, you’ll need at least a bronze axe to get Ancient Bark.

how to get ancient bark valheim
You get Ancient Bark from Ancient Trees

If you’re hurting for Ancient Bark, but don’t feel like cutting trees down, you can also get the material from chests within the Swamp Crypts, aka the dungeons that you’ll have to visit in order to get stuff like Withered Bones necessary to summon the Valheim Bonemass boss. Mind you, these chests aren’t exactly too giving when it comes to the Bark, so some tree-cutting will be necessary. Incidentally, if the swamps are too far away from your home, consider crafting a portal between the two locations.

If you’re wondering why you need the Valheim Ancient Bark in the first place, allow me to explain. It is a necessary ingredient for several craftable objects, including the Fang Spear, Ancient Bark Spear, Bonfire, and Longship. So, yeah, pretty important stuff. And, I mean, if you’re already in the neighborhood, might as well stock up on Bark.

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