Artisan Table Valheim & Blast Furnace Guide

Artisan Table and Blast Furnace in Valheim are things that you can build that allow you to craft higher-level items. In fact, the Blast Furnace and the Artisan Table are tightly knit together, as you can’t make the former without the latter. Naturally, the process is long and arduous, especially since the table requires a very specific and rare item. With that said, here’s our Artisan Table Valheim & Blast Furnace Guide to clear things up a bit.

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artisan table valheim & blast furnace guide
Artisan Table Valheim & Blast Furnace Guide

How to Get Artisan Table in Valheim?

To get the Valheim Artisan Table, you first need to defeat the boss of the Mountain biome, aka the game’s fourth boss, Moder. For those of you wondering, she is a huge, black dragon (wyvern, technically). In order to summon her, you need to collect three dragon eggs and place them on the sacrificial altar. Once you manage to summon and beat Moder, among other loot, she drops the Dragon Tear. That is basically the main ingredient for the Artisan Table. Take the tear and gather the other resources (ten Wood), and craft what you need. This is a necessary prerequisite for making the Blast Furnace, Spinning Wheel and Windmill. Speaking of…

How to Craft Valheim Blast Furnace

To craft the Blast Furnace in Valheim, you first need to make an Artisan Table, as we’ve explained above. Once you have that journey out of the way, the next step is to gather the resources you’ll need to make the furnace. Fortunately, these are way less complicated than making the table. You’re gonna need twenty Stone, twenty Fine Wood, ten Iron, and five Surtling Cores. If you’ve reached this stage of the game, this should be a cinch. When you get everything you need, head back to the table and make the furnace.

If you’re wondering why you’d need the furnace, well, it’s the only way to make use of the black metal scraps you might have been getting in the Plains. You absolutely want to do this, considering that those black metal weapons and shields are awesome. You can read more about it in our Valheim Black Metal guide.

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