Valheim Black Metal - How to Smelt Black Metal Scraps

Black Metal in Valheim is a valuable material that you can get and smelt in order to create powerful and cool-looking weapons and shields. Of course, nothing in this game is easy, and black metal is no different. You first have to figure out where to find it, and then how to smelt it. You’d think that’d be simple, but trust me, it’s not, as you’ll see in our Valheim Black Metal – How to Smelt Black Metal Scraps guide.

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valheim black metal how to smelt black metal scraps
Valheim Black Metal – How to Smelt Black Metal Scraps

How to Get Valheim Black Metal?

To get black metal in Valheim, you have to find and kill Fuling, Fuling Shamans, and / or Fuling Berserkers. They drop black metal scraps, which you then have to turn into black metal bars. That material allows you to create some pretty awesome-looking and effective weapons. I mean, come on; don’t go telling me that you don’t want to cleave your enemies in twain with something called the Black Metal Axe? That said, the journey from black metal scraps to the weapons is a long one, so let’s hop into that. Incidentally, Shamans also drop Fuling Totems, which you need to summon that biome’s boss, Yagluth.

How to Use Black Metal Valheim Scraps?

To use black metal Scraps in Valheim, you have to smelt them. For that, you’ll have to build a Blast Furnace, which we’ll get into in the next section. Once you make one of those, you can make Black Metal Bars from the scraps. With those, you have the ability to craft a Black Metal Axe, Sword, Shield, Tower Shield, Atgeir, or Knife. You’ll also need Linen and Wood, as well as a Workbench Level 4 for the weapons / Chains and Quality Wood and Workbench Level 3 for the Shields. If you want to know how to level up your Workbench, check out our How to Upgrade Workbench guide for more info.

How to Smelt Black Metal Scraps

To smelt black metal scraps in Valheim, you have to build a Blast Furnace, as we’ve already said. The first step towards doing so is to defeat the fourth boss, Moder, aka a big ole black wyvern. It drops a Dragon Tear, which you should then use to make the Artisans Table. Then, go and get yourself twenty Stone, twenty Fine Wood, ten Iron, and five Surtling Cores. Go back to your new table, and use it to craft the Blast Furnace. It’s a long journey, but then again, the Fulings can probably one-shot you like you were a mosquito if you haven’t killed Moder yet. If you can’t get the black metal, you don’t need the furnace.

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