Valheim Copper Deposit

Copper deposits in Valheim are mounds that you can find in the game and mine copper from. Once you figure out the system, it’s easy to get copper. However, if you’re still new, you might be wondering where to find copper deposits, or how to mine copper. Like, what do copper mounds even look like? If that’s troubling you, then our Valheim Copper Deposit guide is the place for you.

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valheim copper deposit
Valheim Copper Deposit

Where to Find Copper Deposit Valheim Locations

To find Valheim copper deposit locations, you have to look for them in the Black Forest. They appear as large, mound-like rocks with bits of copper color shining throughout it. You can see exactly what an untouched copper deposit looks like in the image above. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pickaxe in order to mine any kind of deposit. The Antler one is the bare minimum; you can read more about that in our Valheim Pickaxe guide. By the time you reach the Black Forest, you’re bound to have both the recipe and materials to make one, so don’t worry.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that copper deposits, along with some other ores, usually go deeper than just the surface level. So, even after you deplete the entirety of the mound on the surface (you’ll be getting Stone too, by the way), keep digging down and around. More often than not, you’re bound to find more of the copper vein. Valheim is a sneaky game; I recommend revisiting copper deposits you’ve visited before and dig about some more, just in case you’ve missed some sweet ore.

Speaking of, one more piece of advice about Valheim copper deposits – mark them on your map. Odds are, you’ll get more stuff than you can carry, or maybe you’re doing something else when you come across one while exploring. Keep the markers there until you fully deplete the deposit. Also, write copper deposit under the marker to avoid confusion.

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