Valheim Pickaxe - How to Get Bronze, Stone Pickaxe

Pickaxes in Valheim are an extremely useful, necessary tool that lets you mine for stone and ores. Figuring out how to get a pickaxe is going to be one of your priorities. Fortunately, there’s several different types of pickaxes that you can make in the game, depending on how far you’ve come and what materials you’ve discovered. We’re gonna break the process down for you in our Valheim Pickaxe – How to Get Bronze, Stone Pickaxe guide.

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valheim pickaxe how to get bronze stone pickaxe
Valheim Pickaxe – How to Get Bronze, Stone Pickaxe

How to Make Pickaxe in Valheim

To make a pickaxe in Valheim, you are going to need some type of wood for the handle, and whatever material you’re gonna use for the head. The thing to keep in mind is that different pickaxes will require different types of trees. The simpler, lower-level ones can be made with regular wood, but for the more advanced ones, you’ll need higher-quality materials, such as core wood. These drop only from certain types of trees, so you’ll have to keep track of that. You’ll see exactly what I mean and how it all works in the examples below.

How to Get Stone Pickaxe?

To get the stone pickaxe in Valheim, all you need is three Wood, ten Stone, and a workbench to craft it on. This is the simplest pickaxe that you can obtain and, depending on how you play, has a high likelihood of being your first pickaxe. The other one can be the Antler Pickaxe, which we’ll go into more below. But, yeah, as far as pickaxes go, the stone one is arguably the easiest one to get your hands on in Valheim. At least it doesn’t require you to defeat a boss first, like the Antler one does. Either way, having this tool lets you mine stone and ores, which you’ll absolutely need for, say, Bronze. Speaking of…

Valheim Bronze Pickaxe

To get the Bronze Pickaxe in Valheim, you’re gonna need to get ten Bronze and three Core Wood. Both of these require some legwork; on top of that, you won’t even be able to get the recipe for the Bronze Pickaxe until you discover both materials. Out of the two, Core Wood is the simpler one. To get that material, you have to cut down pine trees. Not Fir; it has to be pine. They are in the Black Forest biome; look for the tall evergreen trees whose branches begin way high up. The game will tell you if a tree is pine when you come close and mouse over.

As for getting Bronze in Valheim, it is a whole different story. You can read about it in detail in our How to Make Bronze Valheim guide, but I’ll give you a quick rundown here. You need to mine copper and tin, then smelt them into ingots in your Smelter. Then, you have to put both of those into your Forge to create Bronze. It’s a lengthy process, but discovering Bronze is quite worth it, not just for the pickaxe, but for a bunch of other tools and weapons.

How to Get Antler Pickaxe in Valheim?

To get the Antler Pickaxe in Valheim, you have to summon and defeat the first boss of the game, aka the demonic stag Eikthyr. To do that, you need to kill enough deer in order to obtain the deer trophy. With that in your hand, go back to the rune stones where you first appeared in the Meadow biome. Don’t worry, it’ll be on your map. Place the deer trophy on the altar in the center to bring forth Eikthyr. Some people say you might need two trophies.

After you defeat Eikthyr, among your loot, you’ll receive a Hard Deer Antler and a recipe for the Antler Pickaxe. All it requires is the antler and ten Wood, and a functioning workbench, of course. This is can be the first pickaxe you obtain in Valheim, depending on your style of play, and it’ll allow you to mine for materials you’ll need to craft better ones, as we’ve explained above.

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