Valheim Frostner Hammer - Best Weapons

Frostner Hammer in Valheim is one of the best and coolest weapons you can get in the game. It does Frost damage as well as Blunt, which is very useful against some enemies. Plus, it kinda looks like Mjolnir, so it gets style points for that. However, it costs a lot in relatively rare materials, and requires a leveled-up Forge in the first place. In our Valheim Frostner Hammer – Best Weapons guide, we’ll show you how to get Frostner, as well as its stats and abilities on each upgrade level.

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valheim frostner hammer best weapons
Valheim Frostner Hammer – Best Weapons

How to Get Frostner Hammer Best Weapon in Valheim

To get the Frostner Hammer in Valheim, aka one of the absolute best weapons in the game, you’ll first need to have a Level 3 Forge. That’s where you’re going to craft the hammer, and that’s also where you’ll be upgrading it. Next, you’re going to have to do a lot of grinding materials. Here’s your shopping list.

You get Silver by mining it in the Mountains biome, Ancient Bark from cutting Ancient Trees in the Swamp, Ymir Flesh by purchasing it from Haldor the trader, and Freeze Glands from the Drakes in the Mountains. You can get more details on the component by clicking on the links above. Now for more about the hammer itself.

Valheim Frostner Hammer Stats & Abilities

The Valheim Frostner Hammer is, as we’ve already said several times, definitely one of the best weapons in the game. It’s quite durable, and does both Blunt and Frost damage. It’s pretty good in Party Force, too. As you upgrade it, the Frostner only gets more awesome. In the list below, you’ll see the stats of each level of the hammer, and what you need to make it stronger.

  1. Durability 200 / Blunt 35 / Frost 40 / Spirit 20 / Parry Force 30
  2. Durability 250 / Blunt 35 / Frost 46 / Spirit 20 / Parry Force 35 (requires Forge Level 4 & 15 Silver)
  3. Durability 300 / Blunt 35 / Frost 52 / Spirit 20 / Parry Force 40 (requires Forge Level 5 & 30 Silver)
  4. Durability 250 / Blunt 35 / Frost 58 / Spirit 20 / Parry Force 45 (requires Forge Level 6 & 45 Silver)

So, that’s pretty much all there is to the Frostner Hammer in Valheim. As you can see, it’s powerful, and looks pretty cool, but it is costly. Whether it’s worth the cost or not, well, that’s up to you to decide.

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