Valheim How to Get Resin for Torch

Resin in Valheim is a valuable crafting material that you use for making torches and a ton of other useful items. Fortunately, Resin is relatively abundant in the game’s world, as long as you know where to look for it. That said, new players might initially struggle with figuring out how to obtain Resin and where to find it. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our Valheim How to Get Resin for Torch guide.

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valheim how to get resin for torch
Valheim How to Get Resin for Torch

How to Get Valheim Resin for Torch

There are two ways to get Resin in Valheim for your torches and other needs. The first one is to chop down trees. Any sort of tree has a chance of dropping Resin, so you’ll probably get a relatively good supply especially early in the game, while you’re using wood to make every single thing. The other source of Resin are Greylings and Graydwarves of all shapes and sizes. Any creature that belongs under the Greydwarf umbrella will work – Brutes, Shamans, and Greylings. These enemies appear chiefly in the Black Forest biome, but can attack you in other places sometimes.

For those of you that are just starting and are wondering why you need Resin in the first place, well, it’s an incredibly valuable crafting material. Aside from Torches, it’s also a necessary ingredient in a bunch of other crafting recipes. Among other stuff, this includes the Fermenter, Fire Arrows, Karve, Raft, standing torches, etc. So, yeah, it’s important to have Resin on hand.

As for getting Resin in Valheim for your Torch, well, having torches is extremely useful, for a plethora of reasons. For one, it provides both warmth and light, allowing you to explore at night safe from the cold. Moreover, unlike the campfire, you can place torches inside without making a flue or some other smoke hole. You can place up to four Resin on a Torch, and one Resin lasts for a couple of in-game days. Never sleep on torches, my friends.

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