Valheim Fermenter Too Exposed, Fermentation Time

The Fermenter in Valheim allows you to make potions, aka mead, once you figure out how to fix the Fermenter too exposed problem and the fermentation times, as well as what to put in the Fermenter. As is the case with most things in this game, nothing can be simple. Solving the mysteries of the Fermenter can be a bother. So, here’s our Valheim Fermenter Too Exposed, Fermentation Time guide to show you the ins and outs of it all.

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valheim fermenter too exposed fermentation time
Valheim Fermenter Too Exposed, Fermentation Time

Valheim Fermenter Too Exposed

If you get the message that your Valheim Fermenter is too exposed, that means that you need to put at least a roof over it in order for the thing to do its job. There’s a number of similar objects in the game that have the same requirement, such as the Forge. So, in essence, you have to provide some shelter for the Fermenter to work. A roof is the bare minimum; if a rain storm starts blowing to the side, even that won’t be enough. My recommendation is to place the Fermenter indoors if possible, or build a small shed around it.

Valheim Fermenter Time

The Valheim Fermenter time refers to how long it takes to ferment your mead base (more on that in the segment below). It varies depending on the mead you’re trying to make. Commonly, it takes about 1-2 in-game days. In real life, the fermenter time can range between fifteen minutes to up to an hour. Consider crafting more than one Fermenter, in other words. You might need it.

Now, to build a Fermenter in the first place, you’ll need to discover the recipe. The materials you’ll need to craft it are 30 Fine Wood, 10 Resin, and 5 Bronze. It also requires a Forge, which you unlock the recipe for after getting Copper for the first time. The Forge requires 10 Wood, 6 Copper, 4 Coal, and 4 Stone.

What Do You Put in the Fermenter

You put various mead bases in your Valhiem Fermenter, then wait a while to get a set of six potions equivalent to the base that you’ve put in. For example, if you put in Frost Resistance Mead Base, you’ll get six bottles of Frost Resistance Mead. You get the idea. How does one make mead bases, though?

Well, for that, you need to have a Cauldron, the recipe for which you’ll get the first time you craft Tin bars / ingots / whatever. Once you craft a Cauldron (requires 10 Tin), you’ll also need to put it over a fire for it to work (a regular campfire will do just fine). Now, all you need to do is put in the right ingredients, the main one being, of course, honey. Here are some of the recipes we’ve discovered so far.

  • Frost Resistance – 10 Honey, 5 Thistle, 2 Bloodbags (from Leeches), 1 Greydwarf Eye
  • Medium Healing – 10 Honey, 4 Bloodbags, 10 Raspberries, 1 Dandelion
  • Minor Healing – 10 Honey, 10 Raspberries, 5 Blueberries, 1 Dandelion
  • Minor Stamina – 10 Honey, 10 Raspberries, 10 Yellow Mushrooms
  • Medium Stamina – 10 Honey, 10 Cloudberries, 1o Yellow Mushrooms
  • Poison Resistance – 10 Honey, 5 Thistle, 1 Neck Tail, 10 Coal
  • Tasty – 10 Honey, 10 Raspberries, 5 Blueberries

If you know of any other mead base recipes, let us know in the comments. Anyways, once you craft a base, place it in the Valhiem Fermenter and wait a while to get your potions. These can have various effects, ranging from protection from Frost and Poison, to healing you, to boosting your stamina, etc. The names kinda imply what they do.

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  1. A

    serpent meat+mush+2 honey serpent soup 80 stamina 2400s duration

  2. K

    Fire Resist: 10 barley, 10 cloudberries
    Tasty reduces health regen for a huge boost to stamina regen but it only lasts a few seconds.

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