Valheim Moder - 4th Boss Location

Moder is one of the bosses in Valheim. It’s the fourth boss you’ll fight, a dragon that resides in the mountains. Defeating the giant wyvern is a considerable task, but you first have to find and summon it – and that’s no laughing matter either. Our Valheim Moder location guide will show you where to find this boss and how to summon it.

valheim moder fourth boss location
Valheim Moder – 4th Boss Location

How to find Moder Valheim?

In order to find the altar at which you can summon Moder, you’ll first need to find a specific runic stone. This rune stone will contain the directions to the altar, and you can find it inside a stone tower in the mountains biome.

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Once you have the runic stone, follow the directions until you’re at the stone altar – you’ll recognize it by the three bowls that surround it.

How to summon Moder in Valheim?

In order to summon Moder and fight it, you’ll have to bring three dragon eggs to the altar. You’ll have to snatch them from nests in the mountains. They’re easy to spot – there’s a purple glow to them that will help you recognize them from a distance, and they make a specific sound that lets you know when you’re near one.

The only problem is their weight. They’re so heavy that there’s no way to carry more than one at a time, which means you’re in for some serious back and forth once you’ve discovered the location of the altar. If you’re playing in a solo world, it’s going to take a fair while. If you’re playing with others, you can split up and look for them in different places, and save some time that way.

Once you’ve brought all three, you’ll have to fight the dragon. Remember to bring warm clothes, frost resistance mead and a good bow.

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