Valheim Repair Bronze Axe, Tools, Armor & Walls

Vahleim allows you to repair your tools, armor, bronze axe, walls and other structures you’ve built. The procedures are similar, but each item has slightly different steps in the process. As their durability goes down through use, you’ll want to repair them to avoid them becoming useless. The good news is that these repairs don’t cost you any resources – you just need to perform them from time to time. If you’re wondering how it works, our Valheim repair bronze axe, tools, armor & walls guide will explain everything.

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valheim repair bronze axe tools armor walls
Valheim Repair Bronze Axe, Tools, Armor & Walls

How to repair bronze axe Valheim

To repair the axe, you’re supposed to go to the workstation you used to craft it (in this case, a forge), and interact with it. Once you’ve opened the menu, you’ll see a hammer icon on the left side of the crafting window. Spam the hammer icon to repair everything that can be repaired there – you can’t choose which items to fix, so you just have to do them all.

Valheim how to repair tools & armor

Your tools and armor can be repaired by going to the workstation you used to craft them. In some cases this is a workbench, in others it’s a forge, an artisan table or a stonecutter. The workstation needs to be the same level as the one you used to craft the item in the first place. This means that if a level 2 workbench is required to craft a tool, you won’t be able to fix it using a level 1 workbench. This might not matter in the base, but if you’re thinking of making a makeshift workbench for repair purposes, it makes all the difference.

Once you’re at the appropriate workstation, interact with it and look for a hammer icon on the right, next to the crafting menu. Keep clicking on it until it disappears, and all your damaged gear will be fixed. Repeat the process at other workstations in order to cover everything.

How to repair walls in Valheim

When you want to fix walls and other structures, you’ll need to use a hammer. Select it from the inventory, and choose the repair option. When you point your cursor at a wall next time, it’ll show you how much health it has. Left click with the hammer still equipped, and you’ll repair the damaged structure.

valheim how to repair walls
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