Valheim How to Destroy Buildings & Items

Destroying buildings and items in Valheim is a system that you can use to dismantle objects that you’ve crafted and don’t want anymore. However, destroying items works very differently from dismantling buildings. Only one of these processes allows you to get crafting resources back, as far as we know. In our Valheim How to Destroy Buildings & Items guide, we’ll show you how both processes work, how to get your materials back, and more.

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valheim how to destroy buildings & items
Valheim How to Destroy Buildings & Items

How to Destroy Valheim Buildings

To destroy buildings in Valheim, there are two things you can do, depending on whether you want your materials back or not. The easiest way is to take an axe or pickaxe or something like that to a building until it falls apart. You won’t get any of your resources back if you do this. so keep that in mind.

If you do want your materials back, what you need to do is have a workbench nearby. Then, take out your Hammer tool (the one used for crafting) and highlight the building you want to dismantle. Click the middle mouse button to dismantle the object and get all your stuff back. Just make sure that the structure is fully repaired first, or else you won’t receive all your resources.

Those of you playing with other people also have to keep in mind who crafted the building in the first place. Only the person that made it can get the materials back. Don’t destroy somebody else’s structure, or you’ll all lose resources.

How to Destroy Items in Valheim

To destroy items in Valheim, the only thing you can really do is chuck them on the ground or in the water and wait for them to disappear over time. By items in this case, I mean anything you might have crafted that doesn’t count as a building of some sort. Anything goes, from lumps of resin to armor and weapons. Just make sure you don’t drop them within the workbench or campfire sphere, or else they’ll never decay enough to despawn.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, that’s the only way to get rid of items. There is no way to dismantle them and get your resources back. If we’re wrong about that, please, let us all know in the comments. By the way, if you want to know how to repair stuff in the game, check out our Repair Bronze Axe, Tools, Armor & Walls guide.

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