Valheim Serpent - How to Kill & Get Loot

Sea serpents in Valheim are oceanic monsters that you can find, kill, and get loot from in the game. Valheim sea monsters are fierce enemies that will put you and your friends to the test. In order to defeat the sea serpents and loot them, you have to prepare carefully and develop a strategy. You also have to figure out where the serpents spawn, and, eventually, how to get your gear back after the monster gets you. We’ll be discussing all this stuff in our Valheim Serpent – How to Kill & Get Loot guide.

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valheim serpent how to kill & get loot
Valheim Serpent – How to Kill & Get Loot

How to Kill Sea Serpents in Valheim and Get Their Loot

To kill sea serpents in Valheim and get their loot, you’re ideally gonna have a good ship (karve or longship), a good bow, a whole lot of arrows (preferably Flint or Bronze), an Abyssal Harpoon, and a couple of friends. To make an Abyssal Harpoon, you’ll need to mine Abyssal Barnacles for Chitin. These appear on the backs of Krakens, aka the floating islands you can find around the ocean. Just make sure to run away as soon as the island starts to shake, because that means it’ll start sinking, and they sink fast.

Once you have everything you need, head off onto the ocean and find yourself a sea serpent. Aggro the sea monster, and pierce it with the harpoon. This will tether it to your boat. Then, pull it into more shallow waters; this is a job for one of your friends, to man the rudder. Your third friend should be pelting the monster with arrows the whole time, but try not to kill it until you get into the shallows. Other than that, this strategy is relatively foolproof; it will require some practice, though.

When it comes to getting the Valheim serpent loot, it drops the Serpent Trophy, Serpent Meat, and Serpent Scales. The reason that you want to defeat the snake in the shallow water is that the Scales sink, and they are the main prize here. Plus, you have to jumo into the water to retrieve the stuff, so you want to minimize the chances of drowning. You can mount the trophy in your hall, which is nice, and the meat can be used to make Serpent stew. The Scales, however, can be crafted into the Serpent Scale Shield that is both stronger and lighter than the Iron Tower Shield.

You can also solo the sea serpent battle by pelting it with arrows alone, while kiting it toward the shallows. This is definitely the much harder way to do this, but it’s not impossible. You just have to be patient and slowly draw it towards the shore. I mean, you can kill it in the deep, but then you can lose some of your valuable loot.

How Often Do Valheim Serpents Spawn and When?

Serpents in Valheim start spawning when you sail into the Ocean biome, which you can track by paying attention to the minimap in the upper right corner. It’ll tell you when you’ve crossed over into the Ocean environment. The serpents mostly appear at night; encounters during the day are relatively rare. Also, you want to be as far from the shore as you can, in the center of the ocean. Stormy weather also helps. The spawns happen every ten minutes or so, but it’s largely up to random chance.

One thing that we do have to mention at this stage is that, when it comes to Valheim boats, you need either a karve or a longship in order to successfully take down a serpent. The raft is an option, but the sea monster will wreck it fairly easily. So, you might want to hold off until you make a stronger vessel.

Can You Recover Your Gear if a Sea Serpent Gets You in the Ocean?

Yes, you can recover your gear if a Valheim serpent kills you in the ocean. Your grave will be floating on top of the water. Just make sure to go back for your stuff during the day to avoid another encounter with the sea monster. Also, make sure to stock up on arrows to keep the snake at bay if it does happen to still be there. You can go for it with just a raft, but don’t get cocky and try to fight again. Also, if the does serpent kill you twice, your old corpse will not disappear. The marker will even still be there, just not on the map. So, don’t worry; go ahead and visit both locations.

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