Valheim First Boss Eikthyr - How to Summon and Defeat

The first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr, is a formidable enemy that you can summon and defeat fairly early in the game, if you should so choose. However, the issue is figuring out how to summon Eikthyr in Valheim. As it turns out, you have to work relatively hard to do that, as with everything else in the game. Once you do, figuring out how to defeat the first boss is a whole different matter. We’ll be answering both questions in our Valheim First Boss Eikthyr – How to Summon and Defeat guide, as well as show you how to offer the Forsaken trophy to the Sacrificial Stones.

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valheim first boss eikthyr how to summon and defeat
Valheim First Boss Eikthyr – How to Summon and Defeat

How to Summon Valheim First Boss Eikthyr

To summon the first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr, you have to place two deer trophies on the Mystical Altar. You’ll find it in the circle of runestones fairly early in the game. If you interact with it, it tells you to make an offering, but you’ve got nothing to offer yet. A nearby stone with a statue of a deer on it tells you to “hunt his kin.” So, it’s pretty obvious what you need to do – you have to hunt deer until you get two deer trophies.

Once you do obtain what you need, press Tab to open your inventory and place the trophies in one of your quickslots, from 1 to 8. Go back to the altar and press whatever number you’ve placed the trophies in while standing next to the stone. This will summon Eikthyr, and the boss battle starts immediately. So, before you do that, some preparations are in order.

Valheim First Boss Tips

The first Valheim boss Eikthyr has three attacks. The first one is a long-range directional lightning attack. He also has an AoE electric attack that blows up in a circle around him. Attack three is a melee attack with its antlers that you can block with a shield. Now, there are several ways to approach this battle, and we’ll walk you through our process.

First off, upgrade your workbench with the Chopping Block. Upgrade your armor or craft a better one (if you’re good enough, the starting armor will be sufficient, but risky). Then, craft a bow, be it made of crude or fine wood, as well as lots and lots of arrows (wood arrows work fine). Upgrade the bow too, if you can. Stock up on health foods, like cooked meat. Run around a bit to level up your running stat.

During the battle, simply keep your distance and run around the stones while shooting arrows at the boss while dodging the long-range attack. Avoid getting too close, and Eikthyr is borderline defenseless. It does take a long while, he has a lot of health, so be patient. heal as necessary.

There’s more ways to approach the battle with the first Valheim boss Eikthyr. You can opt to stealth around and hit from behind. The brave ones among you will fight face-to-face, while blocking the antler attack and evading the AoE lightning blast. That’s all up to you. Just make sure to prepare appropriately.

How to Offer Forsaken Trophy to Sacrifical Stones in Valheim

To offer the Forsaken Trophy to the Sacrificial Stones, after you defeat the first Valheim boss Eikthyr, make sure to pick up everything it drops, including its head,aka the Eikthyr Trophy. Incidentally, you can use the Antlers to craft an Antler Pickaxe. However, for our purposes here, the Trophy is paramount. Pick it up and place it into one of your quickslots.

Next, go to the Sacrificial Stones, aka the Stones where you first learn about bosses. It’s marked on your map, so you can’t really miss them. Find the trophy hook, and place the head on it. After that, you can interact with the head and activate a special power that decreases jumping and running stamina usage by 60%. I don’t have to tell you just how useful this can be.

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