Valheim Taming Boars, Wolves, Lox

Taming wild animals, specifically boars, wolves, and lox in Valheim is one of the more interesting things that you can do in the game. Valheim lets you tame, and even breed wolves,lox and boars for your own interests. The piggies are a good source of food and leather, while the wolves can become pelts, but the way cooler option is to have them fight by your side. However, as everything else in the game, you have to put in some serious work to get your pets. To help you out, here’s our Valheim Taming Boars, Wolves, Lox guide.

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valhiem taming boars wolves
Valheim Taming Boars, Wolves, Lox

How to Tame Boars in Valheim?

To tame boars in Valheim, you have to build a pen, attract them into it, close them in, and provide food from then on. There are several ways to do this. You can build a pen from Roundpole Fences, and then leave a hole or build a door. Then, you have to lure the boar in, either with food or by provoking them into attack and then let them chase you into the enclosure. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can literally build the fence around you and the boar while dodging its attacks.

Once you have them in the enclosure, that’s when the Valheim boar taming actually begins. You have to feed your piggies blueberries, raspberries, regular mushrooms and/or carrots regularly. You don’t have to do it daily, but don’t let them starve for too long, either. All you have to do is throw the food on the ground in the enclosure and step away for the boar to start eating. Different foods have different rates of taming, with carrots doing the most. Also, don’t go too far off, or the taming will go dormant.

After you’ve tamed a boar, you can then pet it, which is nice. More importantly, if you tame more than one boar and then put them in the same enclosure, they will breed after you feed them carrots. You do have to have a big enough pig pen, though; they stop breeding after there’s too many of them. I recommend keeping the boars in separate, small enclosures while taming them, however. You can later build a bigger space and just push them inside once they’re tame; just get into a block stance to do so.

Valheim Wolves – How to Tame?

To tame wolves in Valheim, you essentially need to follow the same blueprint as with the boars. However, there are some changes that you’ll have to implement in order to account for the fact that wolves can mess you up bad in seconds. First thing’s first, you have to go where they spawn, which is in the freezing Mountain biome. So, make sure to have an anti-frost potion handy, or build a path of campfires.

Next up, build a pen out of Stakewalls; regular fences are not gonna hold a wolf for long, if at all. Once that’s done, you can use raw meat to lure a wolf into the enclosure, or you can use yourself as bait. If you choose to do the latter, you madlad, make sure to have at least a bronze shield, like the buckler, to defend yourself. When the wolf comes into the pen, quickly slam the last bit of wall down.

With the wolf trapped, make sure to feed it raw meat regularly. Also, repair the walls of the enclosure, because the beast will start thrashing around as soon as you come near. And, yes, after you throw the meat inside, make sure to walk away so it isn’t scared. You might have to build a platform to throw the meat from.

Once the wolf is tamed, you can breed it as you would boars, which is fun. More importantly, if you pet a tamed wolf, it will start following you around. If you two (or three, or more, however many you’ve tamed) run into an enemy, your pets will absolutely attack and fight by your side. It. Is. Awesome.

How to Tame Valheim Lox

Lox in Valheim are probably the most difficult animals to tame in the game. They are exceptionally strong, so fencing them in is largely useless. Instead, your best bet is to sneak up to them, throw down some food (barley and / or cloudberries), and then sneak away. Or, you know, run for your life if it gets mad. Rinse and repeat until the lox is tamed. Incidentally, you might die. Probably more than a few times, if we’re being perfectly honest. When you do eventually manage to tame one of these furry dinosaurs, then you can build a pen and throw some more food in. Wait for the lox to shuffle inside and close the gate.

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