Valheim Seeds - How to Plant Seeds

How to plant seeds in Valheim is a question that a lot of players have been asking. That’s understandable, considering that you’ll likely start getting seeds way before they can actually use it. As it turns out, the journey towards being able to plant seeds in Valheim is a long and arduous one. Among other things, you have to work hard just to get the Cultivator, without which you can do no planting. With all that said, here’s our Valheim Seeds – How to Plant Seeds guide to hopefully make things a bit easier.

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valheim seeds how to plant seeds
Valheim Seeds – How to Plant Seeds

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim?

To plant seeds in Valheim, you first have to create a tool called the Cultivator, the recipe for which unlocks after you first obtain Bronze. In order to do that, you need to build a Smelter, which costs 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores. You get the latter from battlign through Burial Chambers in the Black Forest, after defeating the first boss Eikthyr.

Once you build a Smelter, head into the Black Forest and mine for Copper and Tin. Smelt them into bars, then make a Forge out of Copper Bars, Stone, Wood and Coal. Place it somewhere indoors for it to make it work properly. Feed it Copper and Tin bars, add some Coal, and you should now have Bronze as a result, unlocking the recipe for the Cultivator. It requires 5 Bronze and 5 Core Wood, the latter of which you get from pine trees in the Black Forest.

Now that you finally have a Cultivator, it’s time to go into how to plant Valheim seeds. Go to the place where you want to plant, activate the Cultivator, right-click, select Cultivate in the top left, and use the tool to basically till the soil. Now you’re ready to start planting, but the problem here is spacing it out properly. Both carrots and trees need enough room away from each other and other objects to stay healthy.

Where to find Carrot Seed & Turnips in Valheim

Turnips and Carrot Seeds can be easily found in the Black Forest. To plant carrot seeds in Valheim, you should place a 1×1 Wooden Floor on the ground, then plant carrots in the corners. Make sure to destroy the floor afterwards. From there, you can eyeball the distance on your own. If you mouse over a carrot, you can see whether it’s healthy or needs room to grow. If the latter shows up, you have to act fast and remove whatever is blocking it, or else the plant will die. Don’t forget that you can use carrots to tame boars.

How to plant trees in Valheim

The same basic principle also applies to trees, the only difference being that they need way more space. For optimal results, you should build four 2×2 floors in a square, then plant the trees in the corners. Again, make sure to remove the floors afterwards and guesstimate future distances from there. It might be possible to put trees a bit closer to one another, but this is a surefire method of measurement that eliminates trial and error.

One last thing to mention is that the Cultivator is not just used to plant Valheim seeds. It’s also quite handy for planting grass, in case you need it. This is especially true if you’ve razed an area and want to green it back up for whatever reason.

Where to find Flax, Barley and Thistle in Valheim

The best place to look for Flax and Barley is in the goblin encampment in the swamp. Thistle can be found growing alone in the swamp. Flax can only be grown in Plains biome, but make stone walls around it to secure crops from Fulings. At the same time minimize how much open space you have inside, or they will spawn inside your walls.

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