Valheim Turnip Locations - How to Make Turnip Stew

Turnips are one of the vegetables you can eat in Valheim. You can find them in the wild, but you can also plant them in your little garden back home. These homegrown turnips are a better option – they’re plentiful, and you can use them to make a delicious turnip stew. If you’re wondering how to get them, and how to cook your own fancy dish, our Valheim turnip locations guide will show you where to look, and how to make turnip stew.

valheim turnip locations how to make turnip stew
Valheim Turnip Locations – How to Make Turnip Stew

Where to find turnip seeds?

Turnip seeds can be harvested from flowers of a grown turnip plant. The only biome they grow in is the swamp. Oddly enough, you won’t find them in the meadows or the plains. You’ll recognize the plant by the thin stalks and yellow flowers. They’re hard to spot, because of the lower visibility in the area, but you only need to find one plant to start production.

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How to make turnip stew?

In order to unlock the turnip stew recipe, you need to hold some turnips and some raw meat at the same time. To get to that point, you’ll first have to grow them turnips. Once you have the seeds from the swamp, head back to base. Craft a cultivator using five bronze and five core wood. Grab it and start tilling some soil. Once you’ve prepared the ground, use the cultivator to plant the seeds. Make sure there’s some distance between the seeds or else they won’t grow – we can’t tell you how much space you should leave between them, but use common sense.

After a few days, the turnips will be ready for harvesting. When you have the plant in your inventory, you’ll notice you can’t eat it raw, unlike carrots for instance. That’s the only downside to them. However, you can make turnip stew out of them, which is a great and cheap meal.

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