Valheim Fire Going Out Problem Solution

Fire going out in Valheim is a problem that some players are running into, and aren’t sure how to solve. As it turns out, fire is pretty fragile in this game, compared to similar titles. It needs shelter from the rain, room to breathe, constant fuel, etc. It’s a chore to keep going, which certainly does amp up the realism. However, that doesn’t help players solve this headache. Our Valheim Fire Going Out Problem Solution guide, on the other hand, will help.

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valheim fire going out problem solution
Valheim Fire Going Out Problem Solution

Fire Going out in Valheim – How to Solve?

To solve the Valheim fire going out problem, there are several things that you need to do. The first one is to make sure that the fire is sheltered. By that, I mean it needs at least a roof to protect it from the rain. However, if a rainstorm rolls in, and it starts falling diagonally, you also need to build some walls; that the second point. The third point is that you have to keep feeding the fire with Wood, if it all burns out, the fire can’t go on. Pretty obvious, but not all survival games do this, so you can lose track.

The fourth and final point is connected to the first two – the fire in Valheim needs room to breathe, so to speak. If you build the roof too close to the fire, and enclose it in walls, it won’t have enough oxygen to burn, and will go out. Also, as we’ve explained in our Fire in House – How to Light Fire Indoors guide, you need to have a chimney, or at least a hole in the roof, to let the smoke out. However, if the hole is too small, that also chokes the flames. So, in short, ventilation is very important, and depends on the dimensions of your Valheim home, the placement of the fire, etc.

If you cover all of these steps, the fire going out in Valheim problem will no longer pester you. It might take a little trial and error, but you’ll get it fairly soon. In case you’re wondering why fire is important, well, aside from cooking, it’s necessary to get the Rested buff. You can read more about that in our Valheim Bed Needs Fire guide.

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    Didn’t see it mentioned but wind or windy areas(near ocean) seem to cause it to go out too not just rain /diagonal rain storms. But that’s where making sure there are walls or no gaps in walls even stake walls if the fire is close to them.

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