Valheim Stone Oven - How to Craft

The Hearth and Home update for Valheim has added a new stone oven cooking station but left many people wondering how to craft it. Not all the food you get your hands on will be ready to eat, so an oven is a way to cook food like bread and pies in the game. While building it is easy, finding the materials and placement can be tough. You also need to reach a certain level before it becomes available. Read on as we guide you on how to craft a stone oven in Valheim.

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Valheim Stone Oven – How to Craft

How to Craft Stone Oven in Valheim

The oven requires several resources for its manufacture. You will also need tools such as a hammer to build it and a pickaxe to mine the required stone. You must also find stable ground, or the oven will break when you use it.

  • 15 Iron
  • 20 Stone
  • 4 Surtling Cores
  • 1 Artisan Table

You can find iron in the swamps. However, before you can access this area you need the swamp key. Defeating the Elder will give you this item. Stone is much easier to find as you can mine it almost anywhere using a pickaxe.

While in the swamps getting the iron, you may as well pick up the surtling cores. Killing the surtling creatures that wander around will get these for you. They are not too tough to defeat. If you do want to avoid them, you can also get these cores from the Black Forest Biome Dungeons.

Make Stone Oven

Your stone oven must be made within the range of an artisan table. Unfortunately, you cannot do this until after you have defeated the fourth boss in the game, Moder. That means you do have to reach a certain level before you can craft a stone oven.

Open the build menu with a right-click. Go to the crafting section and left-click on a stone oven. You can then place it down. All you need to do is add fuel such as wood or charcoal and you will be able to cook foods not allowed on other cooking stations.

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