Valheim Silver Necklace Location - How to Build Treasure Chest

With the new Home and Hearth update adding a bunch of new stuff, people have many questions, such as how to build a treasure chest and find Valheim Silver Necklace locations. The necklace is one of a number of materials you need to make your own treasure chest, which kinda makes sense, but it’s really difficult to find them. So, in our Valheim Silver Necklace Location – How to Build Treasure Chest guide, we’ll show you where to find the silver necklaces and how to craft the treasure chest.

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valheim silver necklace location how to build treasure chest
Valheim Silver Necklace Location – How to Build Treasure Chest

Where to Find Silver Necklace location in Valheim to Build Treasure Chest

To find silver necklace locations in Valheim and build treasure chests, you need to find hidden chests in the Viking graveyards. We explain the process in detail in our Valheim Buried Treasure guide, but here’s a quick rundown. First off, you’re gonna need a pickaxe, the first of which you get after defeating the first boss, Eikthyr. Next, proceed through the Swamps biome and beat the Bonemass boss to get the Wishbone. This second step is not strictly necessary, but it will make things easier.

Now, head back to the Meadows biome and look for a series of standing stones that form the shape of a Viking ship. They’re scattered all over and aren’t difficult to spot. Once you find one, equip the Wishbone and start walking around inside the stone. When the lights are pulsing the fastest, that’s where you need to dig to find a buried chest. These have a 20% chance of dropping Coins, Rubies, Amber Pearls, Fine Arrows, and/or Silver Necklaces. So, yeah, those are the Silver Necklace locations in Valheim, and now for how to build your own treasure chest.

You’re going to need 99 Coins, 5 Ruby, 2 Silver Necklace, 8 Fine Wood and 2 Silver, as well as a nearby workbench. The first three “ingredients” drop from buried chests, as we’ve already explained. As for Fine Wood, you get that by cutting down Birch and Oak trees found in the Meadows and the Plains. As for Silver, well, that’s quite the process, so allow me to redirect you to our Valheim Silver Ore guide.

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