Valheim Wooden Constructions Deteriorate to 50% HP

Wooden constructions in Valheim deteriorate to 50% HP seemingly out of nowhere, and players are confused as to what’s happening. Why are wooden structures losing HP in Valheim? Well, as it turns out, wood is not the sturdiest of crafting materials. In a bid to increase realism, the devs have programmed it to succumb to the elements. We’ll explain how it all works in our Valheim Wooden Constructions Deteriorate to 50% HP guide.

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valheim wooden constructions deteriorate to 50% hp
Valheim Wooden Constructions Deteriorate to 50% HP

Why are Wooden Structures Losing HP in Valheim

Valheim wooden structures are losing HP because water damages them. If you haven’t been attacked, or you didn’t drop a tree trunk on it by accident, your wooden constructions in valheim deteriorate down to 50% whenever it rains, or if they’re in contact with water. This includes wood walls, floors, docks, beehives, the works; basically anything you’ve built from wood will start dropping HP to 50% when it rains (and probably when it snows, too). You’ll know it’s happening when your structures start turning grayish.

Mind you, this can happen in the middle of you, say, building your house. If it rains in the middle of your project, everything that you’ve made will start rotting in a matter of minutes. The only solution to that, before building the roof, is to repair them and then proceed with the building.

How to Stop Wooden Structure HP Deteriorate in Valheim?

To stop your Valheim wooden structure HP deteriorate problem, you have to put everything wooden under at least a thatch roof. Those do not suffer any water damage; realistically, the only things that damage it are either enemies or you. So, make sure to cover every single wood building with a thatch roof, including beehives and the like.

The only exception to this rule are things like docks, because they’re in constant contact with water. Putting a roof over that is not gonna solve the issue. The only thing you can do is just build it out of stone. To do that, you’ll need the Stonecutter tool, which you craft from 10 Wood, 4 Stone and 2 Iron. You need a workbench to make it.

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