Watch Dogs 2 Ending Cutscene Update Teases London Location

The latest update to Watch Dogs 2 was pretty hefty, and for good reason. No, we’re not talking about the new emotes, dances, areas and other bits that are preparing the game for the season pass content to come. We’re talking about the extended cutscene added at the end of the game. This article will contain enormous spoilers for Watch Dogs 2, so tread carefully if you haven’t completed the game or seen the new ending yet.

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Watch Dogs 2 Ending Update Teases London Location
Watch Dogs 2 Ending Cutscene Update Teases London Location

The video starts of with a voice saying “You should probably listen to this.” What follows is a message to the public from DedSec, detailing their success in the battle against Blume and ctOS. They warn people that the game’s antagonist, Dusan Nemec, wasn’t just a rogue element, and that DedSec will continue to fight Big Brother. They also invite people to join their fight for freedom. The video looks like your standard DedSec message, with glitch art everywhere. The speaker’s voice is distorted heavily to mimic the style of Anonymous.

After the message, we hear a conversation between two people. We find out that DedSec has become a global movement. They have cells in the Middle East, South America and Europe. Not only that, bu new hacktivist groups are popping up everywhere. They agree to “make the call”. The cutscene ends on that mysterious note.

you can check out the full video below.

However, it’s not the video itself that’s the interesting part. If you take a close look, you’ll see the file name 51.462014,-0.112504.wav. As you can probably guess, those a re coordinates. Punch them into any map app that you use, and you get… Brixton, right smack dab in the middle of London. More specifically, it’s a place called Chip Shop, near the Brixton Market.

Nobody seems to know exactly what this Easter Egg means, and there are several theories floating around. First off, it’s unclear whether Chip Shop is important in any way, or if the exact coordinates were chosen at random. Maybe there’s some kind of augmented reality game that you can play on location. It could be a teaser for some upcoming DLC that will happen in London. However, the consensus for now is that this is a teaser for Watch Dogs 3, and that the future game will take place in London. Either way, it has certainly caused a commotion. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get more information.

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