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In Watch Dogs 2, you can drive around the map and search for unique vehicles. Below is a table of all of the unique vehicle locations in Watch Dogs 2, and detailed info on how to find each and every one of them.
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There are seven of them in total, and every one of these cars will be added to your Car on Demand list, so you can order them for a drive anytime you want.

MarinPoint Bonita and Kirby CoveIce Cube by Sumitzu Auto
Oakland UptownOaklandWrecker by Global Motors
Oakland UptownOaklandMountain King by Brubeck Engines
San FranciscoPainted LadiesFlip Wagon by Bogen
San FranciscoYerba Buena IslandDanger Mobile by Landrock Motors
Silicon ValleySan MateoRainbow Missile by Fruttato
Silicon ValleyNudle and GalileiThe Dangerzone by Targ Motors

Ice Cube

This vehicle can be found in the wilderness of Marin at the campsite. It is located towards the lighthouse on the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. There is no special action needed, just go in to the car and drive away.


You will find this car in the Port of Oakland. It is located in the shipping container on the top of the pile. Use your quad copter to pull it out from the container.

Mountain King

This Jurassic Park jeep is hidden next to the Lakeside park. Use your jumper to get over the fence and unlock the door from the inside. The paintwork is done in yellow and red, as an Easter egg for the Jurassic Park movie. Its horn is actually a sound of a dinosaur.

Flip Wagon

This 70’s van is located near the Golden Gate Park. You don’t have to do any special actions, just go to the location and pick it up.

Danger Mobile

On Yerba Buena Island, between San Francisco and Oakland, you can find and pick up the Danger Mobile. It is parked between two houses and ready for the taking.

Rainbow Missile

The Rainbow Missile is the only moped next to these six unique cars. It is found just outside of Palo Alto in a backyard of the house that is full of people. You can sneak pass them and unlock the gate so you can drive off from the yard.

The Dangerzone

This car is one of the trickiest to find and take. It is located in the lowest level of the garage near the Stanford University. First open the vent, and send the jumper in there. Destroy the wood with the IED remote gadget. If you lose a jumper, wait a couple of minutes to get a new one. Jump back into the vent, drop down and unlock the panel. The vehicle is actually in the garage next to that one.

Unique Vehicle achievement

When you find any one of these cars in the world, you can unlock the achievement A Ride to Remember – Drive one of the Unique Vehicles.

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