Leaks and Leaks Achievement | Watch Dogs 2

In Watch Dogs 2 there is a possibility to see an interesting Easter egg and unlock the Leaks and Leaks achievement. As you venture through the world of San Francisco, you can also see the Ubisoft building.
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There is a side mission available for that location. We will explain to you how to unlock the side mission and guide you through it, so you can see the new Ubisoft Sci-Fi game trailer for yourself and also earn the achievement.

How to unlock Ubistolen side mission

First of all, you will not have this mission available from the start. To unlock it you first need to collect operational intel, scattered across the map. You will recognize them as they are represented on the world map with a black color. Especially focus on finding ones in Silicon Valley. After that, you should get the notification that the Ubistolen side mission is available. For an alternate way to start this mission, you can find Elliot Chen, Ubisoft employee, and check here how to hack the phone of Ubisoft marketing director.

New game trailer in Watch Dogs 2

Go to the Ubisoft office building and start the mission. This is pretty much straightforward and not so difficult task, as the only thing you need to do, is to go through the cameras in the Ubisoft building. Climb with Marcus to the top of Ubi building, and find the first camera. Hack into it, and then start moving through the other cameras in the office, and make your way to the back office and access the computer located there.
You will then get a chance to see the teaser trailer for the new Ubisoft game. It looks like a sci-fi game, but with some interesting choice of country music. As the short clip is shown, on the screen is written: Do Not Distribute, E3_Conf_Video_v03. After a few shots of space stations and a space ship that flies through – connection is lost and the stream is interrupted.
After you saw all that, the game will take you back to Marcus and you will earn the Leaks and Leaks achievement.