Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.16 Patch Notes - New Four Player Party Mode

The new Watch Dogs 2 major free 1.16 content update is out now, with some interesting stuff in the patch notes. This patch features a highly-requested four-player party mode. It’s available on all platforms and in all regions.

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Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.16 Patch Notes Features New Four Player Party Mode
Update 1.16 Patch Notes Features New Four-Player Party Mode

Note: If you are having startup crashes after the latest update, and you are playing the game on the Nvidia cards, be sure to apply the new Hotfix 384.80.

Watch Dogs 2 Patch Notes 1.16

This update was announced a few days ago, when the producer Kris Young talked about it. The patch notes listed below were, as always, first posted on the official forums.

4-Player Party Mode: The free-roam you know and love is back – now, from the Multiplayer App in your smartphone, two to four friends can enter into a private or public party mode. Free-roam around San Francisco causing havoc, or jump into any of these on-demand activities, all of which have been balanced for the optimal amount of multiplayer shenanigans:

  • 4-player Party: Bounty
  • 4-player Party: Invasion
  • 4-player Party: PvP Loot Truck
  • 4-player Party: Races
  • 4-player Party: Showd0wn
  • 4-player Party: Robot Boss Fight
  • 4-player Party: DedSec – Virus

For activities where there are roles or teams to assign, such as Showd0wn and Bounty Hunter, you’ll see a voting screen where each player can choose their role. In races, players will be able to vote on the course.

Co-op missions will not be available in 4-player party mode, as these missions have been designed specifically for 2-player co-op. Also, since the 4-player party mode is for you and your friends to wreak havoc across San Francisco, leaderboards have been disabled – though you will still receive followers and cash rewards.

Multiplayer Mode Launch: All multiplayer modes can now be launched manually using the Multiplayer app in your smartphone. No more waiting for events to spawn!

Fourth of July: Celebrate Independence Day, hacker-style! From now to July 10th, find yourself a cozy spot with an unobstructed view of the Bay and enjoy nightly fireworks with your friends in the new 4-player party mode. Well, not anymore, since they’ve been removed due to noise complaints. Instead, grab a group of friends and get down with your patriotic self in a flurry of red, white and blue paintballs.

Shuffler Outfit: Players who completed the Shuffler objective but did not receive the outfit and stealth takedown will now receive it. The outfit can be found in your wardrobe; the stealth takedown is available while wearing the outfit.

Other: You can now skip the animation when using the 3D printer to change weapons or loadout – really useful in co-op.

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