New Creed Watch Dogs Legion - Tomb of the Assassins Puzzle

Watch Dogs Legion New Creed Tomb of the Assassins puzzle is really a handful of puzzles that you have to solve in order to complete the “dungeon” and get your reward. While the puzzles are not overly difficult, there are a few potential pitfalls. This is especially true with the one where you have to find statues of three specific assassin’s among over a dozen. It can get a bit annoying. So, you help you out, here’s our New Creed Watch Dogs Legion – Tomb of the Assassins Puzzle guide.

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new creed watch dogs legion tomb of the assassins puzzle
New Creed Watch Dogs Legion – Tomb of the Assassins Puzzle

Watch Dogs Legion The New Creed – Tomb of The Assassins Puzzle

The first step to solve the Tomb of the Assassins puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion New Creed mission is to match the symbols to open the door. Basically, there’s one statue of an eagle and an assassin with symbols below them. Go to the identical two statues near the door and move the symbols to match the ones behind you.

how to solve tomb of the assassins puzzle watch dogs legion new creed
Match the symbols on the statues

The next is the step is to do the same, just with the giant statues of Edward Kenway, Evie Frye, and Jacob Frye. The problem is that there are a ton of similar-looking statues that you’ll have to inspect to find the right three. To make things worse, you can only find some of them via drone to solve the Watch Dogs Legion The New Creed Tomb of The Assassins puzzle. So, to make things easier, here are the symbols you need to use:

  • Evie Frye – the “I” symbol
  • Edward (the one with the flintlock pistol and sword) – the symbol that looks like the number 8 with a curved line on the left
  • Jacob (the one leaning on a walking stick) – the symbol that looks like a “y”

If you do it correctly, it’ll cause several platforms to come out of the nearby wall. Climb up and interact with the glowing door. Your next mission is to follow the trail of glowing, floating leaves. If you encounter what seems to be a dead end, look around carefully, the next one is nearby. Trust me. When you get them all, go ahead and collect your treasure. There’s a little something extra that happens at the end, but I’m not gonna spoil it.

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  1. R
    Rod Allford

    Mate the leaves comment is a bit of a cop out as thats where im stuck “just look around ” what do you think ive been doing ive got most of them but the last few are high up and i keep falling when trying to jump across to the next platform

    1. A

      I cant even jump on first one

      1. C
        Christopher R Wilkin Fink

        Go at a walking pace and hit your jump button near the edge, but not at the edge.

    2. S

      If you use the scan, you can see outlines of them.

  2. M

    This missing is bugged, the 2 symbols on the statue base cannot be solved. Firts of all there are only 2 symbols in the tomb, One on the gun and one on the sword, the other sword one is missing and doesn’t exist in the tomb..but that doesn’t matter because
    All you need to do is match 2 of the symbols and then the 3rd is just a guess rotate the ball until you get the symbol.

    Either way nothing happens. all 3 symbols have been matched and now what…no animation, no noise, no clicks, thumps, thuds, lock/unlock sounds, no grinding slide anything to let you know all 3 symbols have been matched up.

  3. M

    I don’t understand what everyone is talking about jumping problems for you cannot jump anywhere in this tomb. Lets talk about the bug that prevents you from matching the 3 symbols on the statues.
    First of all there are only 2 symbols to find in the tomb, not 3. This means since only 2 can be matched, the 3rd one is just a guess that will be automatically be correct just by rotating the ball at the base of the 3rd statue.

    Despite going through all the symbols on the 3rd statue, nothing happens. There are no noises, clicks, grinding, dragging, thumps thuds..etc to let you know anything has happened.

    This is broken and prevents game progression

    1. M

      The fact that you have not had the intellectual power to solve the puzzle accompanied by the glaringly obvious fact that you didn’t read the OP comment implies you have not yet made it to the part where we e are stuck jumping on the platforms which as the OP quite plainly stated are not part of the mission until after the ridiculously easy statue puzzle which has literally 9 symbols split between 3 buttons you can pick one that run and change each other until you have done the possible combinations if you are unable to mentally deduce it . However the following platforms are going to really ruin your day if you’re stuck already

  4. D

    Uggh… I wish I had known there were Assassin’s creed platform puzzles in this quest. I wouldn’t have gotten myself stuck in there and just not did it. Hate those things in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Makes me motion sick.

  5. A

    Just hold the jump button down when approaching the edge of the platform and it’ll do it perfectly. No need to tap it.

    1. X

      A1ex mate you saved me from not absolutely throwing this game in trash. THANK YOU. Hold your jump button, in my case PS5 (hold X) when you approach the ledge of any of them and you’ll land every platform!

  6. A

    it took me 500 attempts but i think the taller jumps are bugged because i go near the edge, jump it performs the jump animation but throws me to the floor!

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