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how to get darcy watch dogs legion

How to Get Darcy – Watch Dogs Legion

The question of how to get Darcy in Watch Dogs Legion has been itching the game’s player base now that the Assassin’s Creed crossover update…

How To Play Legion of The Dead Alpha

How To Play Legion of The Dead Alpha

Legion of The Dead – a new standalone gameplay mode for Watchdogs: Legion – is out and you’ve probably wondered how to play it. This…

watch dogs legion online spy locations

Spy Locations Watch Dogs Legion Online

Spies were among the most popular operatives back when Watch Dogs Legion launched, so it’s pretty natural that they’d be the most sought after recruits…

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watch dogs legion online best recruits

Watch Dogs Legion Online Best Recruits

Best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion Online are basically people that will turn your team into a lean, mean, hacking machine. There are a number…

watch dogs legion how to redeem club rewards

How to Redeem Legion Club Rewards

Watch Dogs Legion received another batch of Ubisoft Club rewards today, with the release of the long-awaited online mode. They include two new pieces of…

watch dogs legion online mask locations

Watch Dogs Legion Online Mask Locations

Masks in Watch Dogs Online are customization items that let you both hide your face and look cool while committing all kinds of fun crimes….

best cars in watch dogs legion

Best Cars in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion best cars are a difficult subject to broach, since that’s going to differ from player to player. However, there are some cars…

free prestige operative watch dogs legion

Free Prestige Operative Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion free Prestige Operative El Rubius OMG is a special bonus character and bundle that you can unlock. He comes with several relatively…