Watch Dogs Legion Permadeath & DLC Prestige Operatives

Permedeath is one of the features in Watch Dogs Legion. You can choose to enable it when starting a new game, and it’s supposed to make the game more difficulty, and lend more weight to your decisions. A number of people find it scary, and are wondering exactly how it works, and whether it can be turned off in case you change your mind later. If you’re one of them, our Watch Dogs Legion permadeath guide will help you come to terms with it.

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watch dogs legion permadeath
Watch Dogs Legion Permadeath

How permadeath works in Watch Dogs Legion?

Permadeath is short for “permanent death”. This means that any time one of your agents dies in action, they won’t be sent out of commission for a while – they’ll be gone for good. This means there’s a very real chance you’ll lose your best character in the blink of an eye.

If all of your operatives die, it’s game over. It does not affect multiplayer, and it only becomes available after the mission Reporting for Duty is completed.

How to turn off permadeath in Watch Dogs Legion?

Thankfully, you can turn permadeath off if you decide it’s not really your cup of tea. To do this, all you have to do is open up the options, head to the gameplay section and look for a switch there.

watch dogs legion how to turn off permadeath

Keep in mind that you can’t abuse the system when you think you’re going to cut it close – once you’ve disabled permadeath in the options, you can’t enable it again in the same playthrough. The only way to get it back would be to start all over again, from the beginning.

Will DLC prestige operatives die permanently with permadeath?

A lot of people are feeling anxious about having permadeath on while having prestige operatives like Aiden Pearce from the DLCs. The lead producer on the game, Sean Crooks, mentioned in an interview that they won’t be removed from your account if they die – you won’t lose access to them permanently. However, the game treats them like any other character – if permadeath is on, and they die, the only way to get them back would be to start a new playthrough.

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