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  1. N

    There is no on in 1 point 🙁 I can’t find this card

    1. M

      It took me awhile to find him, I was running around the town looking for him lol. Try and meditate and he should be there during the day

    2. R
      Regalt of Grivia

      You need to rescue the blacksmith from bandits, south-west of Mulbrydale on the coast.

  2. P

    Whaaaaat !! I rescued the guy from the bandit camp, then played against him, and he didn’t drop any card Oo !

  3. T

    This guide is wrong. I cross referenced it with the book “A miraculous guide to Gwent” and the last 6 card locations on this list don’t count toward the Velen card count according to the book…. I’m still missing the last 6 Velen cards…

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